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Posted by Kathryn Bishop on

I started this website in April 2018 and realized it was time for an update!

What's new?

Originals For Sale

I'm now offering framed originals for sale. It’s a great opportunity to purchase pieces if you are not local! I will also be selling unframed originals very soon.


Shop by Category

For those of you that love my ladies, my men, or my abstracts… there’s a place for you! I’ve created categories for each. If you happen to love them all, you can simply click on shop.


Blog Posts

I'll be writing and posting new blogs regularly! I am excited to share more of my personal experiences with creating, using art as therapy as well as sharing my process.


Thank you all so much for your support of the years. I'm looking forward to continuing to grow as an artist and, hopefully, as a businesswoman!



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