Confidence: All Bodies are Beautiful

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There is nothing more beautiful than confidence. Whether you are a size two or a size twenty-two, confidence attracts. While I personally struggle with my own body positivity, I find so much joy in the beauty of others. I admire (and aspire to emulate) the beauty of confident women. Portraying positive figures that are outside the "normal beauty standard" was, is, and always will be, important.

In July 2018, the writer L.E. Bowman reached out to me to include my piece, Elated, with one of her writings. The following was the result: 

It went viral… for obvious reasons.

The exposure and feedback I received from this collaboration was incredible. It seemed to strike a chord with an amazing group of people who felt under-represented and under-appreciated. I was so inspired by the response that I decided to draw every day for the month. I decided to up the ante by only drawing plus size figures.  The result is one of my proudest collections.


The joy and freedom in these figures inspires me to this day. They are confident, fun, sassy and so expressive. In a society that often tries to shame people, I feel like these figures break through that because they found their ultimate happiness; happiness with themselves.

I have pulled together a collection of originals from this series that I would love to see out in the world. Each piece is an original signed ink drawing on 9x12 117lb natural white paper.

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